There are five great threats facing humanity today.

Democratic Destruction

As despots consolidate power and private interests undermine the public good, global democracy remains in decline for the fourteenth consecutive year, with no meaningful reversal on the horizon.

Economic Irrelevance

As late-stage corporatism continues to weaponize national and global economic policy against widest-spread wellbeing, workplace automation threatens to skyrocket unemployment in the decade ahead.

Ecological collapse

As populations increase, oceans superheat, species collapse, soil fertility ceases, global temperatures rise, water quality degrades, and toxin counts soar, we hurtle towards a seventh great extinction.

Technological Dominance

As physical currency is systematically eliminated and AI-driven surveillance technology goes viral, governments and private interests are seizing access and control of financial and biometric data on a scale unparalleled in human history.

Spiritual Bankruptcy

As values hierarchies collapse and the atomizing individualist-consumerist anti-culture spreads globally, nations grapple with the loss of moral unity, common purpose, and a sense of fellow-feeling.

Our freedom and future are under attack on all sides.

But we should never worry when we can prepare+resist.


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